RV’s Pre-wired for Solar


It features Go Power’s Cable Entry Plate, a premium quality rooftop entry port that makes solar panel installation faster, easier, and cleaner. Combined with the pre-installed wiring, setting up a new solar DC power system takes half the time of a standard installation.





Top 3 Reasons To Go Solar

1 – Go anywhere:  Stay connected to an electrical source while remaining off the grid.

2Free and endless battery charging:  Harness the power of the sun to charge your batteries.

3No generator needed:  Enjoy the peace and quiet of sun power instead of a loud generator.

Learn more about the benefits of solar.


Compatible Solar Kits

Our solar kits are perfect for your pre-wired RV. They use high quality MC4 connectors making the connection quick and easy.

Large Solar Kits

Just keeps the essentials going, charges batteries for DC power only such as lights, fans and other DC appliances.

Complete Solar
and Inverter Systems

For the RV’er that wants the comfort of home, these systems provide AC power for your electronics and appliances as well as DC power to keep the lights on.

Solar Flex Kits

DC-only power for your not-so-flat RV rooftop!  These are thin, lightweight and flexible, and can even be mounted with adhesive.