Your RV is pre-wired for a portable portable solar kit!

EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR BATTERY. Run your fans, lights, and pumps with your batteries.

RV’s equipped with Solar on the Side are outfitted with an SAE solar port, which allows you to quickly and easily plug in a portable solar panel. This means you can charge your RV’s batteries using the power of the sun!

How does this port work for your RV? Watch the short video below to learn more!

My RV is pre-wired, now what?

What does this port do?

This port is wired directly to your battery. When you plug in a portable solar kit to this port, you charge your RV’s batteries. Your batteries run onboard DC electronics like pumps, fans, and lights.

What do I need to purchase to use this port?

To use this port to charge your batteries you will need to purchase a portable solar kit with a controller. Click here to view some products we recommend.

Does this plug mean my outlets will work?

If your RV is equipped with a power inverter, then yes! However most RV’s these days do not come with a stock power inverter. If you’d like to upgrade your system to include an inverter, click here to find out which one you’ll need. You may also need a transfer switch to complete the kit.

How does solar help my batteries?

When you’re not plugged in, your batteries are constantly being drained. Whether it’s having the lights on or flushing the toilet, completely draining the batteries repeatedly takes a toll on battery life and can shorten them to just a couple of years. 

When battery power is topped up frequently by solar, the batteries stay healthy and life is extended twice as long or even longer, saving you money in the long run.

Benefits of Solar

Freedom to explore remote, off-grid locations

Quiet alternative to generators

Savings extends battery life by 50%

Backup power for parking lots or emergencies

Renewable and safe power source

And! Even if you have solar on the roof, portable solar allows you to park in the shade for those warm days when you’d rather stay cool!

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How does solar work?

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