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Your RV is wired with a Go Power! solar kit!

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Congratulations! Your RV came with a solar kit installed! Welcome to the Solar on Board program. Welcome to the world of sustainable, quiet off-grid power. Enjoy your adventure and go where you want to go, without the need to plug in.

But why does it matter? How does this solar system work? What can you run off of battery power? And is your factory installed solar panel enough for your charging needs?

Read on to find the answers to all these questions, and more.

benefits of solar

Benefits of Solar

Freedom to explore remote, off-grid locations

Quiet alternative to generators

Savings extends battery life by 50%

Backup power for parking lots or emergencies

Renewable and safe power source

How does it work?

Your solar panel works as a battery charger whenever it’s light out. Whether you have a flexible or rigid panel installed, your panel will collect the sun’s rays throughout the day.

That power travels to the battery through a solar regulator, or solar charge controller, which prevents the solar from overcharging your battery.

Once that power is being stored in the battery, you are able to use it to run things in your RV!

Want to learn more? Click on an image below to learn more about how that component works in your RV.

What can I run?

The DC power in your batteries allows you to run lights, fans, slide-outs, and 3-way fridges. In fact, when paired with the right battery size, a 190-watt solar panel can offset the DC use of a family of 4 for up to 3-days!

Does this mean you can run your electronics and use your outlets? If your RV or trailer’s manufacturer installed a power inverter in your unit, then yes! However, most units do not come equipped with this feature “off-the-lot”. We recommend contacting your dealer to see if you have this equipment installed.

Want to learn more? Click here to learn more about how a complete off-grid charging system works in your RV.

Is this enough?

Depending on how much power you use, your factory-installed kit may not be adequate to get the off-grid experience you’re craving. However, it’s easy to add a second (or third!) solar panel to increase your battery charging power.

Adding a solar kit to your existing solar panel will add more watts to make sure you charge faster than you’re using! remember, though, the more solar you have, the more batteries you will need.

For more info on how to properly size your system, visit our sizing guide or our online calculator.

Expansion Products for Solar on Board

Want to stay off the grid longer than a couple days? Add more solar panels to your rig and keep your batteries topped up to extend your adventure.

Available in flexible and rigid modules from 100 to 190-watts.

Recharge your batteries while you park in the shade or supplement your rooftop solar by using these plug and play folding solar panels. Available in lightweight models, and long-lasting aluminum kits that vary from 90 to 300 watts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean my outlets will work?

If your RV is equipped with a power inverter, then yes! However most RV’s these days do not come with a stock power inverter. If you’d like to upgrade your system to include an inverter, click here to find out which one you’ll need. You may also need a transfer switch to complete the kit.

How does solar help my batteries?

When you’re not plugged in, your batteries are constantly being drained. Whether it’s having the lights on or flushing the toilet, completely draining the batteries repeatedly takes a toll on battery life and can shorten them to just a couple of years.

When battery power is topped up frequently by solar, the batteries stay healthy and life is extended twice as long or even longer, saving you money in the long run.


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