100 Watt Retreat Solar Kit


Go Power!'s 100-Watt Retreat Solar Kit is ideal for RVs or boats with limited roof space.

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The 100-watt Retreat Solar kit is our most efficient solar charging kit available and is ideal for rooftops where space is limited. The Go Power! Retreat Solar Kit features 100 watts and 5.43 amps of charge power. For extended or full-time traveling, see our Overlander Solar Kit or an AC power system like the Solar Elite

Learn how to choose a solar kit, select an Expansion Kit for the Retreat or use our Go Power! Calculator to size your system.

Included in Kit:
  • 100-watt solar panel (GP-PV-100M)
  • 30-amp dual-bank, Bluetooth® PWM Solar Controller (GP-PWM-30-UL)*
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable - RED (#10)
  • 25′ of MC4 output cable - BLACK (#10)
  • Mounting hardware (1 x GP-MH-4-KB)
*If you have the GP-PWM-30-UL controller WITHOUT Bluetooth, please click here for the User Manual and Spec Sheet.

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