Inverter Fuse & Block

Inverter Fuse & Block. Safeguard equipment with ultra-durable, class-T DC rated fuse and fuse block.

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MODELS: FBL-400 | FBL-300 | FBL-200 | FBL-110

MODELS: F-400 | F-300 | F-200 | F-110

Go Power! Inverter Fuse Blocks are extra heavy-duty, DC-rated fuses. Protect yourself and your equipment! Includes mounting block, fuse, and protective cover. Inverter Fuse Blocks (FBL) include an insulated polyester reinforced polycarbonate base and include 5/16? studs or optional universal terminal lugs as well as a transparent protective cover. The Class-T fuses range from 110 to 400 amps. One block size fits all fuses and the wiring range is #6 to 4/0. Go Power! Inverter Fuse Blocks operate on all 12, 24, 32, or 48-volt inverter battery systems.


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  Inverter Fuse & Block

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