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Inverter Fuse and Cable Install Kits


Inverter Fuse and Cable Install Kits complete kits to connect your power inverter to your battery.

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Go Power! DC Inverter Installation Kits include everything you will need to properly connect your Go Power! Inverter to the batteries.

Kits include*:

  • 10' large gauge battery cables and tie downs
  • Appropriate inverter fuse and fuse block (The GP-DC-KIT1 includes an inline fuse, NOT fuse block).
MODEL Use with Fuse
Cable Gauge
GP-DC-KIT5 2600 - 3000W inverters 400 amp 4/0
GP-DC-KIT4 2000 - 2500W inverters 300 amp 2/0
GP-DC-KIT3 1100 - 1800W inverters 200 amp #2
GP-DC-KIT2 700 - 1000W inverters 100 amp #4
GP-DC-KIT1 200 - 600W inverters 60 amp #6