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60 Amp MPPT Solar Controller

Go Power!'s largest solar controller. This 60 Amp MPPT Solar Controller uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging with up to 98% efficiency.

Product Overview

Model: GP-MPPT-PRO-60

Regulates and prevents the solar panel from overcharging batteries. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging and 4 battery charging profiles.
  • The most efficient MPPT controller for RVs
  • Compatible with all battery types, including Lithium
  • Maximizes all power from your solar modules
  • Easy-to-read back-lit digital remote display
  • Stackable: add additional controllers to expand your solar array
  • Included in our larger, multi-panel solar kits
  • 5-year warranty

Optional Accessories

  • Surface-mounted remote display; shows the charge current to the battery, battery voltage and battery-state-of-charge (SOC) - (GP-MPPT-PRO-R)
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Dongle; works seamlessly with the Go Power! Connect app to provide wireless monitoring of the controller's parameters and data view (GP-MPPT-PRO-BT-1)

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