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Rigid Solar Kits

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  • Overlander

    Overlander Solar Charging Kit (190 watts)

    Now more powerful than ever! The Go Power! Overlander Solar Kit is the most popular 12-volt charging kit on the market.

  • SLIM 100 W + PWM-30 Bluetooth® Controller Kit

    Shipping Q1 2022

    Go Power!’s SLIM 100 W Solar Kit with a PWM-30 Amp Bluetooth® Solar Controller is ideal for RVs or boats with limited roof space. Power your lights, fans, and other DC appliances using power generated from the sun. Perfect for maintaining your battery charge on overnight adventures off the grid.

  • RIGID Eclipse 190W + 30A MPPT Controller Solar Kit

    Shipping Q1 2022

    Charge batteries faster and maximize your solar charging performance with the new 190-watt Eclipse MPPT rigid solar kit.

    Supercharge your solar array to 98% conversion efficiency with MPPT charging. Ideal for series configurations. Bluetooth® enabled remote* allows you to view and change essential battery stats from your handheld device.

    Easy to install, and expandable, the Go Power! RIGID Eclipse 190W Solar Kit is the largest single panel 12-volt charging kit on the market.  This powerful battery charger is great for maintaining the charge in all types of batteries and is ideal for extended RVing or dry-camping.

  • Retreat

    100 Watt Retreat Solar Kit

    Go Power!’s 100-Watt Retreat Solar Kit is ideal for RVs or boats with limited roof space.

  • Solar All Electric 4 kit with 60 AMP MPPT Solar Controller

    760-watt Solar AE 4 Kit

    This 4-panel, 760-watt kit is ideal for charging large battery banks.

  • Solar AE 6 60 amp with side bar x2

    1140-watt Solar All-Electric Kit

    The Go Power! 1140-watt Solar All-Electric Kit is our largest kit, the 6-panel, 1140W Solar All-Electric Kit is perfect for full-time RVing.


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