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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – Popular online RV enthusiasts, KC Chavda and John Clarke will host four solar seminars this week at the 56th annual Progressive Louisville Boat, RV and Sportshow.  More than 47,000 outdoor sportmen and RVers are expected to attend the five day event that includes professional seminars and special attractions, along with the exhibition portion of leading vehicle and aftermarket vendors.

The Solar 101 Seminars will showcase many of Go Power! By Carmanah’s solar and inverter products to help educate the public on solar energy and how it enhances the camping and boating outdoor experience. Two products to be featured include the new Portable Solar Kits, launched in the USA last week at Stag-Parkway’s Driving Success trade show.

KC Chavda and John Clark, founders of ‘2 Guys RV Education’ and sanidumps.com, have actively endorsed Go Power! products since 2010.  As avid RVers, their own rigs are outfitted with two of Go Power!’s large Solar Kits and are driven across North America to industry tradeshows to support their website and conduct dozens of seminar each year. Their website is gaining world-wide followers for their up-to-date service finder, online tools and education center.

Solar 101 Solar Power Systems and Inverters for Your RV

Is power a mystery to you? Do you dry camp, Wal-Mart on your travels? Do you like to enjoy watching TV, making a fine cup of cappuccino or using you hair dryer when there is no shore power? This session covers the basics of solar energy can how it enhances your RV experience. Topics include understanding solar charging, system installation and maintenance, battery basics and the importance of healthy batteries. In addition to solar, this brief and informative session will showcase the benefits of on-board inverters and how to size your system. Contact KC and John to learn more.

Solar Seminar Schedule at the Louisville Boat, RV and Sportshow:
Jan 24th Thursday at 5:45 pm
Jan 25th Friday 2:45 pm
Jan 26th Saturday at 3:45 pm
Jan 27th Sunday 1:45 pm


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