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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Traditionally, winter is a very slow cyclical period for dealers and distributors of solar power systems and related equipment. In 1993, the Mobile Power Division of Carmanah’s Solar Power Systems Group (formerly Soltek Powersource Ltd.) developed a Winter Booking Program as a way of encouraging sales year-round.

Carmanah’s Winter Booking Program enables dealers to obtain stock and begin selling to their customers over the winter months with extended payment terms to assist them during the slowest time of year. It also enables dealers to be more proactive in the spring, as they already have the products they require in stock and ready for delivery.

Carmanah’s Winter Booking Program is a thriving component of the Mobile Power Division, which offers solar kits and inverters – including the Company’s proprietary Go Power! product line for marine, fleet and recreational vehicle applications. Since its modest beginning, the Winter Booking Program has seen average annual growth of more than 25%. In 2005, the division took in approximately $900,000 in bookings for 2006, and this figure is expected to exceed $1M in bookings for 2007.

Carmanah Provides Unique LED-Based Dealer Incentive for 2006 Winter Booking Program

For Carmanah’s 2006 Winter Booking Program, initiated in the last quarter of 2005, the Mobile Power Division launched an exciting new dealer booking incentive that took advantage of the Company’s breadth in the LED lighting industry.

Based on purchase size, Carmanah’s Authorized Dealers were offered high performance LED edge-lit illuminated signs manufactured by Carmanah’s LED Sign Group. These signs feature Carmanah’s branding and promotes the dealer as a “Go Power! Solar Power Systems Specialist":.

This unique incentive was very popular and helped to increase bookings as well as booking order sizes. The LED illuminated signs provided were bright, crisp and eye-catching and will work to support Go Power! equipment sales and promote the Carmanah and Go Power! brands for years to come.

For more information about the Mobile Power Division’s Winter Booking Program or Carmanah’s solar power systems in general, please visit www.spsenergy.com or contact:
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About Carmanah Technologies Corporation

Carmanah is an award-winning manufacturer specializing in energy-efficient technologies that fundamentally change the way its customers operate. The Company is currently focused on three technology groups: solar-powered LED lighting, solar power systems & equipment and LED-illuminated signage.
Carmanah is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and has branch offices and/or sales representation in 11 cities across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. With more than 250,000 installations worldwide, Carmanah is one of the world’s premier suppliers of energy-efficient products.
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