Carmanah Supplies Power Inverters to British Columbia’s Ambulance Service

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Carmanah Go Power!(tm) 600 Watt Power Inverter.
Carmanah Go Power!™ 600 Watt power inverter.

Carmanah’s Solar Power Systems Group has recently supplied a number of its Go Power!™ 600 watt pure sine wave power inverters (Model GPSW-600) to British Columbia’s Ambulance Service (BCAS). These power inverters will be used by paramedics to operate all on-board electrical medical equipment.

The BCAS is Canada’s only provincially-operated ambulance service, and provides emergency pre-hospital treatment and transportation by ambulance to the public and visitors across British Columbia. BCAS has been using Carmanah’s Go Power!™ power inverters for more than four three years with a perfect record of reliabily. Prior to being selected as an authorized supplier to BCAS, Carmanah’s products had to meet a requirements review and successfully pass an approval process.

Carmanah’s line of Go Power!™ pure sine wave power inverters have been extensively field-proven in installations across North America for the fleet, utility and emergency vehicle applications.

About Carmanah’s Go Power!™ 600 Watt Power Inverter

The GPSW-600 pure sine wave power inverter is reliable and economical, compact, lightweight and portable. With pure sine wave technology, better quality and cleaner energy output is achieved; this ensures audio, video and electronic equipment will operate efficiently and smoothly.

Designed for larger power loads, the GPSW-600 is available with both 12 and 24 volt input. Applications include:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Utility trucks and other service vehicles
  • Long haul trucks
  • RVs, campers and boats
  • Mobile offices
  • Emergency back-up power

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