Frequently asked questions about Portable Solar Kits

GP-PSK-120 | GP-PSK-80  | GP-PSK-40


1. What type of batteries can be used with the kit? AGM, Gel or Flooded Batteries.

2. Will the solar panel over charge my battery? No, the regulator ensures that a steady charge is supplied to the battery and will not overcharge.

3. Can I extend/lengthen the battery cable? Extending the cable can result in loss of voltage and insufficient power to charge the battery. Please use correct gauge wire to prevent line loss.

4. How do I clean the solar panel? Use a wet cloth to remove dust, dirt and grime. A build up of dust, dirt and grime will lower the output of the panel.         

5. Does the warranty include damage to the adjustable tilt legs? No, the 25 year warranty covers the solar module only.


1. If panel is not charging:
Check all connections to ensure they are secure and free from moisture and debris. 
2. Solar Charger Controller:
PV Array Short Circuit – If PV array short circuit occurs, clear it to resume normal operation.
Load Short Circuit – The controller protects against load wiring short-circuit. After one automatic load reconnect attempt, the fault must be cleared by reapply power or pressing the setting switch. 
Note: ( With the way the solar kit is set up, Carmanah does not recommend using the load connections on the controller)
Battery Reverse Polarity –  The controller protects against battery reverse polarity. Correct the miss-wire to resume normal operation.
Overheating –  The controller protects against over heating. If the temperature of the controller heat sink exceeds 85 degrees Celsius, the controller will automatically start the overheating protection.
High Voltage Transients – The controller protects the panel from high voltage transients.