Trickle Chargers

Go Power! solar trickle chargers are cost-effective, mobile power products designed to prevent dead batteries on cars, boats, trucks and ATVs.  Simply plug, clamp or wire a Go Power! SUNfilm,  10 / 20 watt Solar Kit into a cigarette socket or directly onto a 12 volt battery.  The self-regulating solar panel will harness the sun’s energy and ensure that your battery remains fully charged and ready when you need it.

Trickle chargers are ideal for maintaining the charge in your vehicle’s 12 volt battery during periods of inactivity.  When a vehicle sits idle for prolonged periods of time, small parasitic loads, such as the on- board computer system, will continuously draw power from the battery causing it to draining completely.

When a lead-acid battery is completely drained, the lifespan can be reduced by half. This means that you may have to replace your vehicle’s battery years earlier than expected. By keeping batteries topped-up, you will ensure that they remain healthy and will ultimately save you money in the long term.

Looking to charge your mobile devices?  Our SUNfilm Solar Battery Chargers (5 and 15 watts) include a selection of charging components, including a 12 volt adaptor.


Product Family: 
SUNfilm Solar Battery Trickle Chargers
These small solar panels can connect to your vehicles battery or to a 12V accessory socket and 12V cell phone charger.
Go Power! 20 watt Solar Kit
This kit includes a 20 watt solar panel.
Square 10 watt solar panel
Our smallest trickle charger with a high-efficiency solar panel.