Solar Modules

Go Power! Solar Modules offer a complete range of quality solar modules. Using high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, our modules provide cost-effective and environmental-friendly DC power. Low-iron tempered glass and durable aluminium frames make these modules a great choice for almost any application.


Product Family: 
Our largest, single panel solar module with aluminum frame.
Aluminum framed solar panel.
100 watt flexible solar module.
95 watt Solar Module
The most efficient solar panel per square inch, framed.
80 watt Solar Module
80 watt solar panel in a rigid, aluminum frame.
Solar Flex 50 watt thin film solar panel
Largest 'slim' profile flexible panel for narrow surfaces.
Solar Flex 30 watt thin film solar panel
Most compact, flexible panel in a 'square' shape.
Solar Flex 25 watt thin film solar panel
Our most 'narrow' flexible panel that is ideal for tight spaces.
20 watt Solar Module
High efficiency solar panel for trickle charging, framed.
10 watt Solar Module
Our smallest polycrystalline solar panel for trickle charging, framed in aluminum.