Large Solar Kits and Expansion Kits

Go Power!™ Solar Kits are designed to keep your batteries charged. These large solar kits convert the sun's energy into DC electricity, which charges your vehicle's battery and gives you the freedom to run lights, furnaces, fans and other DC appliances without the worry of running out of power. Our Solar Kits are virtually maintenance free and designed to give you decades of uninterrupted power.  Learn How Solar Works

To run AC powered appliances and electronics, such as TVs, coffee makers or computers off of solar power, please see our Complete Solar and Inverter Systems.

Choosing a solar charging kit

The selection of a power system starts with a look at your current power needs and the type of camping or boating you enjoy (i.e. trickle charging, weekend, extended or full time). If your power demands increase for any reason, solar systems are easily expanded just by adding additional 100 watt or 160 watt Expansion Kits. Our Calculator Tool, Solar Sizing Chart or Go Power! Authorized Dealer can help you find the kit that best suits your needs.

Read more: "What Makes an RV Solar Kit Work"

Product Family: 
Overlander Solar Charging Kit (160 watts) solar module, controller and cables
Overlander Solar Kit is the most popular 12 volt charging kit on the market.
Retreat Solar Charging Kit
This kit is ideal for RVs or boats with limited roof space - it has the most power per square inch!
Eco Series Solar Kits available in 80W, 20W and 10W.
Our economical starter kits are great for quick trips or small RVs with light power needs.
Go Power! Solar Expansion Kits
Expand your current Overlander kit, Retreat kit, Solar Elite system, or Weekender system.