Healthy batteries give you the freedom to run lights, water pumps, furnaces, and more DC appliances. With Go Power! solar charging systems, your batteries will remain fully charged and healthy.

The selection of a power system starts with a look at your current power needs and the type of camping or boating you enjoy (i.e. trickle charging, weekend, extended or full time). If your power demands increase for any reason, our Large Solar Kits are easily expanded just by adding additional 80 watt, 100 watt or 160 watt Expansion Kits.



Product Family: 
Complete Solar and Inverter Charging Systems
Our complete kits come with everything you need to power your systems, including solar panels, inverter and mounting hardware.
Large Solar panel with solar regulator and cables
Expandable battery charging kits that include a framed (rigid) solar panel and solar controller.
100 watt Solar Module (Polycrystalline)
Aluminum framed polycristalline solar module.
A lineup of 2 portable folding solar kits
This all-in-one solar suitcase (folding) sets up in minutes and has a built-in solar controller.
Flexible solar module with cable and solar controller
These kits include marine-grade, flat, and bendable solar modules with adhesive or screw-mounting options.
Three SUNfilm solar modules by Go Power!
Lightweight, economical solar trickle chargers.
Solar panels
High-efficiency and durable monocrystalline/polyscrystalline solar modules make a great choice for almost any application.
These solar products are no longer available from Go Power! Please see our new product options.