Smart Battery Converter / Chargers

Smart Battery Chargers (35-100 amps)Smart Battery Charger (10 amps)

MODELS: GPC-100-MAX | GPC-75-MAX | GPC-55-MAX | GPC-45-MAX | GPC-35-MAX | GPSC-12-10A

Go Power! Smart Battery Converter Chargers offer fast, accurate battery charging at a reasonable cost. Using state-of-the-art, converter switch-mode technology, Go Power! Battery Chargers are reliable, compact and lightweight and are designed specifically to extend the life of deep-cycle battery banks. For RV systems, they feature high continuous output to feed your 12-volt loads when plugged into shore power.  Our smart chargers are included in both the SOLAR EXTREME systems.


GPC-100-MAX 100
GPC-75-MAX 75
GPC-55-MAX 55
GPC-45-MAX 45
GPC-35-MAX 35