Retreat Solar Kit (100 watts)

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This is our most efficient solar charging kit available and is ideal for campers / rooftop where space is limited. The Go Power!™ Retreat Solar Kit features 100 watts and 5.43 amps of charge power.  For extended or full-time travelling, see our Overlander Solar Kit or an AC power system like the Solar Elite.

Learn how to choose a solar kit, select an Expansion Kit for the Retreat or use our Go Power! Calculator to size your system.


Included in Kit:

  • 100 watt solar panel (CTI-100)
  • 30 amp, PWM solar controller (GP-PWM-30)
  • Set of 2 x 25' of MC4 output cables (#10)
  • Mounting hardware (2 x GP-MH-2)



Solar Module and Controller

Solar cell type Monocrystalline
Output power
100 W
Rated current
5.43 A
Rated DC voltage
18.4 V
Open-circuit voltage 22.6 V
Module efficiency 15.34%
Connectivity MC4 connectors
Solar controller 30 A PWM, multi battery option, 4 stage charging, digital display and flush mount
Frame type Silver / black anodized aluminum frame
Certifications CE
Dimensions 47.09 x 21.46 x 1.38 in / 1196 x 545 x 35 mm
17.6 lbs / 8 kg
25 years (module) / 5 years (controller)


                       Large Solar Kit Specifications                                           Portable Solar Kit Comparison

Output power 170 W 100 W 80 W 120 W 80 W
Solar cell Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
Installation Roof mount Roof mount Roof mount Ground /  rooftop Ground /  rooftop
Solar controller 30 A, flush mount (included) 30 A, flush mount (included) 30 A, flush mount (included) 10 A,  built-in PWM 10 A,  built-in PWM
Expansion capability GP-OVERLANDER-E expansion kits (up to 480 W) GP-RETREAT-E expansion kit (up to 480 W) n/a Can supplement any large solar kit
Accessories (included) Set of 2 x 25' of MC4 output cables (#10), mounting hardware Battery clamps, ring terminals, anderson-style connectors
Accessories (optional) Solar expansion kits, adjustable solar mount (ARM-UNI), can be built into a complete solar and inverter system

30' expansion cable, 7 pin trailer plug

Warranty 25 years (module)  /  5 years (controller) 25 years (module) / 3 years (controller)


100 watt Solar Module
Aluminum framed solar panel.
GP-PWM-30 Solar Controller 30 Amp Digital Solar Controller
PWM controller, works with our any of our Larger Solar Kits or Complete Systems (accepts 80-500 watts of solar).
Go Power! Solar Expansion Kits Expansion Modules for Large Solar Kits
Expand your current Overlander kit, Retreat kit, Solar Elite system, or Weekender system.