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OutBack InvertersOutBack Inverters

OutBack Power introduced the FX series inverters two years ago, with a huge list of innovations over existing products. First they improved inverter reliability with the next generation power technology. Then they made their inverters modular so systems could be stacked in any configuration and easily expanded to build systems up to 36 kW of total power. Today, OutBack have become the new standard for off-grid sine wave inverters.

OutBack offers fully sealed models in both 24 and 48 V, with 500 watts more power than the original FX series. These are ideal for remote sites, humid areas or in mobile applications such as boats or RVs. With an all-aluminum chassis, conformal coated circuit boards and a gasketed design, the inverter is fully protected from some of the one of the major causes of inverter failure: corrosion and insects.

The GVFX series feature higher output and exceptional $/watt value. They have conformal coated circuit boards, stainless vent screens and a washable foam filter on the air inlet. These models are ideal for indoor installations.

The modular design allows OutBack Inverters to be stacked in either series (120 VAC) or parallel (120/240 VAC), or even three phase (120/208 VAC) and up to 8 inverters may be stacked in a single system. This makes OutBacks ideal for growing electrical needs.