Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Why choose a Modified Sine Wave Inverter?

For running typical resistive loads like lights and appliances, a modified sine wave inverter is a reliable, cost-effective choice. Though modified sine wave inverters do not produce a perfect replica of AC true sine wave power, they do provide an affordable option that for many mobile power applications, is perfectly adequate. Some devices, however, may not recognize the modified sine wave and may run poorly or not at all. The solution to these issues is to purchase a Go Power! pure sine wave inverter. For most applications though, a Go Power modified sine wave inverter is a reliable and cost-effective mobile-power solution. See our Inverter Comparison  or Sizing Chart for details.

Performance Guaranteed, Heavy-Duty Power Inverters

Some of our most popular modified sine wave inverters are from our Heavy-Duty line up. These are an excellent solutions for fleet, utility trucks and vans looking for a powerful and economical alternative to a pure sine wave product.

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