Eco Series Solar Kits (80/20/10 watts)

Eco Series Solar Kits available in 80W, 20W and 10W.

MODEL: ECO series / GP-eco-80 / GP-ECO-20 / GP-ECO-10

The Go Power!™ Eco Series Solar Kits are the economical solar solution for keeping your batteries charged and healthy. They come with everything needed to install on your RV rooftop.  With an 80 watt option to power through the weekend, or a 10 / 20 watt system to trickle charge your batteries, we have an affordable solution that will extend the life of your batteries.

Learn how to choose a solar kit or use our Go Power! Calculator to size your system.


Included in Kits:

Model # Solar Module Controller Solar Cable Warranty
GP-ECO-80 80 watt / 4.57 amp 10 amp flush-mounted controller 25 ft set MC4 25 year output power warranty
GP-ECO-20 20 watt / 1.14 amp 10 amp controller 25 ft set MC4 10 year output power warranty
GP-ECO-10 10 watt / 0.57 amp none 25 ft set MC4 10 year output power warranty



Specifications subject to change.

10 Amp Digital Solar Panel Controller 10 Amp Digital Solar Controller
Maximize battery life with efficient and controlled charging. This PWM controller accepts up to 160 watts of solar.