Go Power! is your one-stop shop for mobile power systems for your RV, boat or work vehicles. All of our components are designed to maximized power efficiency and work together seamlessly. Many of our accessories, including the solar controller, fuse and cable kits, are included in the Large Solar Kits or Complete Solar and Inverter Systems.

Product Family: 
GP-PWM-30 Solar Controller
Solar controller (a.k.a charge controller or regulator) prevents the solar panel from overcharging your batteries.
Inverter Install Kits
Complete kits connect your power inverter to your battery.
Inverter Remotes
Control your inverter with a touch of a button.
Inverter Fuse Blocks
Safeguard equipment with ultra-durable, class-T DC rated fuse and fuse block.
Roof Mounts + Hardware
Add an extra tilt or additional mounting hardware for rigid solar panels.
AGM battery designed for solar and inverter use.
AGM deep cycle solar battery 6V GP-AGM-224-6V
AGM battery designed for solar and inverter use.
cable entry plate top view
Provides a tidy wire configuration for rooftop solar installation, protects the cable connections and helps prevent roof leaks.