600 Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Go Power! 600W Modified Sine Wave InverterBack view of Go Power! 600W Modified Sine Wave InverterPositive and negative battery cables with ring terminals for GP-600 power inverter


A versatile performer for your mid-range power needs, the Go Power!™ GP-600 modified sine wave inverter is powerful yet economical. Easy to install, just connect the GP-600 directly to your battery with the included cables, and then plug your appliances into the unit's two AC outlets. Use the GP-600 to power lights, drills, blenders and more. When you're not using it, you can switch it off to conserve power. Ideal for powering kitchen appliances, or as a source of emergency back-up power, the Go Power!™ GP-600 is suitable for a range of applications.

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