We want to give away a 100 watt Solar Flex Kit this summer!

This contest is now over.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Go Power! Solar Flex Series

These solar kits are designed to provide a powerful charging solution for batteries and conform to almost any surface. 

  • Avoids custom mounts (module curves up to 30 degrees)
  • Can be affixed with adhesive or screws
  • Provides a durable  and walkable surface (module is less than 1/8” / 3mm thick)
  • Is ideal for lightweight RVs (modules are 82% lighter)
  • Kit includes a 30 amp controller, MC4 cables and a 100 watt Solar Flex module


Who is using our Solar Flex product?

Jason & Nikki Wynn will showcase their 500 watt Solar Flex system in their new video, "Powerful Flexible Solar Panels"  and blog at gonewiththewynns.com
Kristin & Jason Snow document their Solar Flex kit installation on their renovated 1965 Airstream on the snowmads.com. Read "A Do-it-Yourself Airstream Solar Installation"
Tim Shephard from Vintage Airstream Podcast interviews the Snowmads and Go Power! about the new Solar Flex technology and relays his own experience with the product on theVAP.com.
Podcast: "Go Solar!"

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Contest rules can be viewed here. Winner will be announced on July 21st.

To find an authorized dealer or installer of Go Power! solar and inverter products, visit our Dealer Locator.