Go Power! Solar Sizing Guide

Go Power! has a number of ways to help you find the right system for your RV, boat or work truck. Our online Calculator, Simple Sizing Chart or Solar Sizing Worksheet will provide you with Go Power! mobile power equipment recommendations based on your specific power usage.

Simple Solar Sizing



Solar Sizing Worksheet

Step 1: Identify the DC and AC power appliances and # of hours each runs / day.

Download worksheet


Step 2: Calculate the Total Weekly Amps

Multiply total amp hours per day by the number of days per week (i.e.: weekend camping: multiply total amp hours x 2 days, full-time camping: multiply total amps per day x 7 days).


Step 3: Match your Total Weekly Amps with a product below:

Weekly Output



71 GP-FLEX-30 (30 watts)
92 GP-PSK-40 (40 watts)
185 GP-PSK-80 (80 watts)
196 GP-ECO-80 (80 watts)
236 RETREAT (100 watts)
236 GP-FLEX-100 (100 watts)
281 GP-PSK-120 (120 watts)
384 OVERLANDER (170 watts)
384 WEEKENDER SW (170 watts)
472 GP-FLEX-200 (200 watts)
767 SOLAR ELITE (340 watts)
1151 SOLAR EXTREME (510 watts)

Note: Typical power output is based on 6 hours charging per day and will vary at different times of the year, by location, and with varying weather conditions. To increase your weekly output, add a Go Power! Expansion Kit for additional amp hours.