Inverter Installation

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Option 1: Plug & Power

Plug & Power is the easiest way to install Go Power! Inverters. Your inverter should be located close to the batteries, but in a protected area free from moisture, dust, dirt and battery fumes. The DC Install Kits listed on page 10 contain everything you need to install your inverter properly. Once installed, simply plug your power cord into your Go Power! Inverter and you will have AC power.


  • Inverter installed near batteries (<10’ away)
  • Plug shore power cord into:
          inverter when camping
          shore outlet when available
  • Turn off converter when using inverter to prevent extra battery drain


Option 2: Go Power! Hardwire with standard Automatic Transfer Switch

Use the TS-30 automatic transfer switch with your Go Power! Inverter to automatically switch from shore power (when available) to inverter power. Wire your converter to the shore power side of the transfer switch to ensure the inverter is not being used to charge the RV batteries.


  • Inverter installed near batteries (<10’ away)
  • TS-30 is wired to shore power, inverter and RV load centre
  • Converter or battery chargers wired to TS-30 shore input to prevent extra battery drain when inverter is being used


Option 3: Go Power! Hardwire with Go Power! Prewired Automatic Transfer Switch

The Go Power! Inverter and the Go Power! Transfer Switch (GP-TS) combined with a GPC Smart Battery Charger creates a totally hands-free system. Add a GPC-Smart Controller and take advantage of high powered three-stage smart charging capabilities.
  • GP-TS is wired to shore power, RV load centre and plugs directly into inverter
  • GPC Converter plugs into outlet on GP-TS. Converter automatically turns off when using inverter power


Note: See inverter manuals for complete instructions prior to installation.