Why Use Diesel When Solar Will Do the Job?

save money on fuel and maintenance

No matter where you travel today, the cost of fuel is on the minds of many people. There is a genuine and growing interest in alternative or “Green” technology to replace or reduce traditional power sources.  For almost three decades RV’ers have enjoyed benefits of solar energy: mobility, reliability, versatility and in recent years, affordability.


A solar charging system provides an excellent solution for battery charging, while keeping travellers in all the comforts of home.

Depending on your power needs, travellers can run most appliances or electronics off of a solar system, without ever having to turn on a diesel generator or pay for shore power. Think of the money saved not only on the actual generator, but the many trips to the gas station as well as maintenance costs.

benefits of Clean, quiEt + affordable mobile power

  • Once installed, solar is virtually maintenance free and will provide free, continuous power for decades
  • Solar power is silent and will keep a peaceful, natural setting
  • A solar charging system can prevent 'dead' batteries and extend your dry-camping or boon-docking experience
  • Solar will charge and maintain your battery both on and off the road, ensuring healthy and long-battery life
  • A solar kit or system allows you to have plenty of 'fuel' when you need it
  • You can avoid idling your RV engine and promote renewable technologies


Check out the many solar options on our product pages - there you will find a variety of solar products including complete solar and inverter charging systems, solar kits with a controller, SUNfilm trickle chargers and even high-effecicency Portable Solar Kits that require no installation at all.  Best of all, our solar kits can be built upon as your power needs grow - so invest as little or as much as you want.


Go Green, Go Solar, Go Power!