Troubleshooting the 1500 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter


How to Test for Power Through Your Inverter

Not sure how to tell if your inverter isn't getting power? What is a GFCI outlet? This short video will demonstrate how to test for power, using a Go Power! 1500 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter (GP-SW1500) with the built-in GFCI outlet.

Turning Power Save Mode On and Off

We will demonstrate how to turn this feature on and off using a Go Power! 1500 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter.

Complete Inverter and Inverter Fuse / Cable Kit Installation

This video will go through a complete installation of our 1500 watt pure sine inverter (GP-SW-1500).  The installation will include our Go Power! Inverter Install Kit (GP-DC-KIT3), with #2 AWG cables and a 200 amp class T slow blow inverter fuse.  We will also show how the inverter is boxed and some simple power testing.