Solar Solutions for Heavy Duty Trucking


Reduce the run-time of your APU motor to maintain battery charge.



Solar reduces the need to plug in when parked.
A properly sized inverter provides a ‘clean’ source of AC power for electronics and appliances.



A solar controller regulates the state of charge in the battery, which maintains the health and extends the battery life.




AC + DC Solar Flex Power Systems for Sleeper cabs and Power Units

Various sizes of systems are available to customize a perfect-fit solution. Systems support deep cycle, AGM and lead acid batteries.

  • The lightweight Solar Flex module  contours to a truck cab, trailer body or truck box, with adhesive or screw mounting options.



  • Quality, heavy-duty inverters provide a safe supply of AC power.



A Solar Flex system provides an independent and renewable power source. Once installed there is very little maintenance involved. Solar constantly tops up the battery bank to ensure ample mobile power is available, wherever it is required.

anti-idling truck graphic


Cummins Crosspoint Chooses Go Power’s Solar Flex Panels to Power ClimaCab System

“We have been looking for a practical solar solution for battery regeneration for a while, but the rigid-panel systems we found couldn’t stand up to the shock, vibration and debris strikes that vehicles commonly encounter; plus, they were heavy and bulky,” Joe Aschenbener, general manager for Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration, said. “The light, thin Solar Flex system is bendable, can mount almost anywhere and is so durable, you can drive over it without significantly damaging it.”

Aschenbener noted that the built-in telematics in many reefer units can completely drain their starter battery within just four days of sitting idle and that the downtime and service cost of jumping a dead battery can really add up. “In the case of our ClimaCab battery-powered cab-comfort systems, it’s critical that optimal charge is maintained at all times,” Aschenbener said. “The trickle charge generated by the new Solar Flex system assures us that reefer and batteries are always at the ready, regardless of the inactivity of the vehicle.”


Create a SMART trailer with a Solar Charging System

An independent and self-contained solar/battery system in a trailer can power lights, monitoring equipment and recharge a separate battery bank without the burden of connecting to a cab.



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