Cable Entry Plate Installation Guide

Routing Power With the Go Power! Cable Entry Plate (CEP)

1. Plan where the CEP is going to be located on the RV roof. Consider shading of vents for solar panel placement. Make sure it is within reach of the solar panel(s) or use extension cables to reach between the solar panel(s) and the CEP. Make sure the interior location is accessible for wiring the solar controller.

Ideal location of the CEP, solar panel and solar controller is near to the battery compartment. Total cable length should not exceed 25 ft.

2. Obtain 6 appropriate screws to fasten the CEP down onto the roof. #12 or #10 stainless steel pan-head screws are recommended. Do not use flat-head (countersunk) screws.

3. Obtain an appropriate sealant for the job. (Sealant will depend on roof membrane material). Use an appropriate sealant as recommended by your RV Dealer or manufacturer to seal holes wherever necessary.

4. Mark the location of the CEP hole to be drilled in the roof. Note that when the CEP is installed, the hole for the wires should be along its centerline and about 1.25” from its back edge.

5. Drill a small pilot hole in the chosen spot, if desired. Enlarge the hole to 5/8” or 3/4” diameter. Use a sharp tool.

6. File or otherwise remove any sharp metal edges.

7. Thoroughly clean the area around the hole. A clean surface is critical to ensuring a proper sealant bond.

8. Feed the internal wires up through the hole and follow the butt splice manufacturer’s instructions to complete the splicing to the RV’s internal wiring (if applicable).

9. Apply a generous bead of sealant to the underside of the CEP, following the channel provided. Make sure the bead goes around all mounting holes. The sealant should expand significantly beyond the bottom of the CEP.


Cable entry plate installation after sealant has been applied.

Cable entry plate and solar panel installation after sealant has been applied.


10. Push the wires back into the hole lowering the CEP down until you can just get the caulking gun into and around the hole in the roof; apply a generous bead into and around the hole in the roof and around the wires where they’ll end up in the hole.

11. Lower the CEP back into place on the roof. Dispense a generous dab of sealant into each mounting hole.

12. Install the 6 mounting screws, being careful not to over-tighten them.

13. Apply a dab of sealant on top of and around the head of each screw, and a generous bead around the perimeter of the CEP.